Epifanes Paint Remover

Epifanes Paint Remover


A safe and odorless remover of almost all one-and two-part coatings, varnishes, antifoulings and epoxy based paints. Effectively working and non-evaporating. Suitable for use on vertical and overhanging areas. pH neutral, biologically degradable, does not contain any lyes, acids or biocides and is harmless to the substrate. May be applied below freezing.




Removal of layers on fiberglass, steel, wood and aluminium. Do not apply on soft plastics. Always first make a small test patch to check compatability. After use, remove all remaining material prior to applying any paint layer.

Obtainable coverage

1000ml. is sufficient for approx. 2-4 m².

Tips for use:

Stir well prior to use. Apply one thick layer by medium long natural haired brush. Avoid overbrushing. Depended on the paint layer to be removed allow the paint remover 30 minutes to 4 hours to react. Scrape clean with filling knife or shave hook. Remove remaining paint remover by washing the surface with a water.

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