Epifanes Seapower Super Poly Boat Wax

Epifanes Seapower Super Poly Boat Wax


The ultimate “Sun block” for boats, cars and mobile homes. Epifanes Seapower Super Poly Boat Wax contains 100% pure Carnauba wax providing maximum protection against weathering and UV exposure. Suitable for fibreglass, metals and all painted and varnished surfaces providing a high gloss finish capable of lasting a complete season. This “once a year” wax is famous for its ease of use and its ability to resist severe pounding of (salt) water and exposure to ultra violet radiation. Also suited for varnished wood to create an extra UV filter for added protection.



Application tips

Apply thin coats only. A thick coat is more difficult to buff out and does not improve protection or gloss. Can be applied on both wet and dry surfaces. Apply the wax on the cloth not on the surface. Allow the wax to fully dry before buffing. Rub in a brisk, overlapping circular motion. Refresh cloth frequently to ensure a brilliant luster.

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