Epifanes Underwaterprimer

Epifanes Underwaterprimer


A bituminous primer reinforced with aluminium providing a tough impermeable film. For the underwaterprotection of wood steel or aluminium. For touch ups or full treatment prior to the application of antifouling paints. May be overcoated with most types of antifoulings. We recommend to first make a test patch to check the solvent resistance of the Epifanes Underwaterprimer. Antifouling should be applied in full layers without repeated striking.


750ml. - 2000ml. - 4000ml.


Wood - Steel : For general underwaterprotection. Maintenance and repait of existing coaltar systems and as barriercoat on traditional underwatersystems and remaining antifouling leftovers. Recoatable after 7 days with classic and selfpolishing antifoulings, Not suited for antifoulings based on chlorinated rubber and/or vinyl.

Brush processing

Brush - Epifanes Brushthinner for Paint & Varnish First coat on bare steel and coat tar; Epifanes Spraythinner for Paint & Varnish


After 24 hours at 18°C.

Obtainable coverage

1000ml is sufficient for 9 m² @ 50 μm dry filmthickness


Silver bronze

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