Epifanes Foul Away

Epifanes Foul Away


A copper, tin and boicide-free selfpolishing underwaterpaint. Due to the selfpolishing characteristics of this paint, the bottom will remain smooth, clean and will prevent unnecessary build-up of paint coats. This bottom paint can be applied over well degreased and roughly sanded existing hard antifouling or selfpolishing antifouling. Suited for use on aluminium and galvanised steel May be applied up to 6 months before launch.


750ml. - 2000ml.


GPR - Wood - Steel - Aluminium : In conjuctions with the appropriate primer, suited for fresh water ares and short term salt water areas (max. 3 weeks). Due to its selfpolishing character, not suited for fast moving (speed-)boats. Launching after at least 18 hours and before 6 months.

Brush processing

Do not thin If needed: Epifanes Thinner D-100


After 6 hours at 18°C. Lauche after min. 24 hours - max. 6 months


Red- redbrown - light blue - dark blue - green - white - black

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