Epifanes Copper-Cruise High Performance Antifouling

Epifanes Copper-Cruise High Performance Antifouling


A highly advanced selfpolishing antifouling for all types of ships sailing between 5 and 40 knots. Suitable for both fresh and salt water areas. By the movement of the boat, the underwater area constantly exposes a fresh surface with bio-active materials and avoids unnecessary build-up of antifouling layers. This antifouling can also be applied directly on top of existing polishing antifoulings after thorough scrubbing with a stiff brush and fresh water hosing down and on vinyl and chlorinated rubber antifoulings after wet sanding.


750ml. - 2500ml.


All types of fibreglass, wooden and steel ships in conjunction with the appropriate primer system. Also suited for application on existing well adhering selfpolishing and hard antifoulings. Not suited for aluminium ships.

Brush processing

Preferably unthinned. If needed, thin with Epifanes Thinner D-100


Recoatable after at least 8 hours. launching after min. 24 hours - max. 30 days.

Obtainable coverage

1000ml. is sufficient for 10-12 m² @ 50 µm dry film thickness


Red - redbrown - black - dark blue - bright blue - off white

Suitable water areas

Epifanes Copper-Cruise is suited for all fresh and brakkish water areas and temperate (cold) salt water areas.

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