Epifanes Black Bottom

Epifanes Black Bottom


A protecting black coating for use above and below the waterline. Due to its closed surface structure, this coating provides excellent water resistance whan submerged. Offer a perfect bonding on bare steel, existieng coal tar layers and synthetic primers. This coating also offers ease of application, colour vastness, elasticity and protection against UV and the interchangable impacts of water and air.


1000ml. - 4000ml.


Wood - Steel - Coal tar : protecting coating for use above and below the waterline. For optimum anti-corrossion on bare steel below the waterline at least 250-300 microns dry filmthicjness must be applied. This equals 500ml. per m²

Brush processing

Brush - Epifanes Brushthinner for Paint & Varnish First coat on bare steel and coat tar; Epifanes Spraythinner for Paint & Varnish


After 12 hours at 18°C.

Obtainable coverage

1000ml is sufficient for 10 m² @ 50 μm dry filmthickness



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