Epifanes CR Antifouling Primer

Epifanes CR Antifouling Primer


Tough underwater- and antifouling primer based on chlorinated rubber. Quick drying and widely to be used on various (coated) substrates. Offers excellent antirust protection and conservation in sufficient dry filmthickness (min. 300 micron = 5-6 full coats)


750ml. - 2500ml.


Steel - Wood - Aluminium - GPR: Protecting underwatersystem. Intermediate coat on (remaining parts of unknown) antifouling and coaltar.

Brush processing

Epifanes Thinner D-100


With itself after 6 hours @ 18°C. With (Epifanes) antifouling after 24 hours @ 18°C.

Obtainable coverage

750ml. is sufficient for 7 m² @ 50 µm dry filmthickness


silver grey

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