The essence of good paint work is good preparation

Plan your paint job in advance and work step-by-step. This will provide you with a clear view and will avoid undesired surprises.

Step 1 Maintenance or new system

Determine if the existing paint- or varnish system will support maintenance coats or that it has to be fully removed and replaced by a complete new system including primers.

Step 2 One- or twocomponent?

An important consideration when painting or repainting existing paint systems, is the choice between a one-component and two-component finish.  This choice strongly depends on the existing system and the working conditions under which the paint has to be applied (temperature / relative air humidity)

Take your time to study the paint-or varnish system and general application tips. They are your guide towards a better final result.

Step 3 Materials needed?

Determine colour and calculate the required amount of paint. Also ensure to have enough and correct thinner. Do not forget necessary tools for the job, i.e. brushes, rollers, masking tape, abrasive paper, etc. and remember your personal safety (protecting gloves/clothes, mouth cap, safety goggles, etc.)

Step 4 Surface preparation

A thorough surface preparation is time consuming. Check the surface and make sure it is well prepared. Important for all paint work:  well degreasing and sanding. These surface preparations may often be more time consuming than the actual painting itself. For longterm results however they are essential.

Step 5 Follow instructions

Before use, read label and follow the application instructions to the letter. They will prevent disappointments later.  If in doubt, contact your dealer.

Step 6 Working conditions

Ensure that working surrounding are fit to the paint job. Think of tsuffient temperature, not too highlevel of  relative air humidity  and sufficient ventilation.

Step 7 after the work is done

After application, allow the paint system sufficient time to through harden. Make notes on used products, quantity and colour for future reference.


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