Degrease surfaces with the appropriate degreaser

Prior to sanding, ensure that the surface is clean and well degreased. Loose and water soluble dirt may be removed with (warm) water and ammonia. By degreasing before sanding, grease and contamination will not by sanded deeper into the sanding scratches. Degreasing should exclusively be done with multiple clean (paper) towels.

Surface to be degreased Appropriate degreaser
Existing paint and varnish layers Epifanes Spraythinner for P & V
Bare fibreglass/GRP Epifanes Fibrglass Prep Cleaner
Bare steel Epifanes Cleaning Solvent
Bare Wood Epifanes Spraythinner for P & V
Bare tropical wood Epifanes Thinner for PP Varnish Extra


TIP: Turn and replace (paper) towel regularly. Allow sufficient time to evaporate and the surface to fully dry.

Take personal precautions when degreasing and wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection.

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