Choice of varnish

The choice between a one-component and two-component finish strongly depends on the existing system and the working conditions under which varnish has to be applied.

A one-component varnish provides ease of application, is more tolerant regarding the existing system and can be applied with good results in a wider range of temperatures. The one-component varnish also provides the necessary elasticity/flexibility and will not crack because of movements in the wood. One-component varnish are not suited for application on epoxy resin.

A two-component varnish is harder and more durable, but is more demanding regarding application skills and working conditions (temperature and relative air humidity). Poly-urethane varnish is well suited for stable wood constructions (i.e. marine plywood). Because of its limited elasticy/flexibility two-component poly-urethane varnish is less suited for working wood and wood constructions  and will lead to the formation of cracks. A two-component Poly-urethane varnish will bond on well prepared epxoy resin.

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