Mainenance of paint systems



All painted surfaces deteriorate in time and will have to be maintained. How fast deterioration takes place and maintenance is needed, depends on the condition of the existing paint system and the elements to which the paint is exposed. Postponing maintenance will lead to discoloration, loss of gloss, crazing, cracking and eventually complete de-adhering of the protecting paint system. In order to keep a paint system in good condition, always apply one or more maintenance coats from time to time.

If the existing paint work still bonds and only shows discoloration or loss of gloss, the system requires maintenance. In this case, degrease with Epifanes Spraythinner for Paint & Varnish or denaturated alcohol, sand and apply one or more maintenance coats. Bad adhering damaged paint work must be completely removed and replaced by a full new paint system including primer coats.

Chosing  paint

One-component: One-component topcoats, i.e. Epifanes Yacht Enamel and Mono-urethane Yacht Paint can be applied on almost all existing paint systems regardless which brand.

The necessary mechanical bonding is created by sanding. On well degreased and sanded layers fisrt apply one coat Epifanes Multi Marine Primer.

Two-component: Two-component topcoats, i.e. Epifanes Poly-urethane Yacht Coating, may be applied on existing poly-urethane or epoxy based systems regardless which brand


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