Building a perfect paint or varnish system step-by-step


Varnish will not only enhance the warm beauty of the wood, but will also protect it against outdoor elements. UV filters will prevent discoloring of the wood. In order to impregnate and to obtain a firm bonding inside the woodfibres, the first coats are applied thinned. Final coats are not thinned.

Painting is more than just giving a substate a colour. First of all, the paint must bond well to the substrate and provide longterm protection against the elements.

Therefore more coats of paint/varnish will be needed. The build up of these layes is called a paint system or in case of a clear finish a varnish system.

We divide systems into :

1. Type of substrate to be painted (fibreglass, steel, wood, aluminium)

2. Is the substrate to be painted above the waterline or will it be submerged below the waterline.              

3. One-component system or two-component system 

Your choice between a relatively easy to apply one-component system able to be performed succesfully outside and a two-component system with maximum hardness and durability and a little more effort and requirement

Below you can make a choice out of the paint systems we have. In every paint system you will find set-by step guidelines how to work; which product to use, how many coats to apply, drying time per coat and typ + grid of abrasive paper to use. 

  • Clear Finishing

    • Finishing mahogany/meranti
      • 1-component klassiek vernissysteem op kaal houtDownload
      • 1-componenten zijdeglans interieur vernis systeem op kaal houtDownload
      • 2-component vernissysteem op kaal hout LeDownload
      • 2-component interieur vernissysteem op kaal houtDownload
      • Combinatie vernissysteemDownload
    • Finishing teak/iroco
      • Alternatief 1-component vernissysteem op kaal houtDownload
      • 1-component ademend olievernissysteem op kaal hardhoutDownload
      • 2-component vernis systeem op kaal hardhout (teak, Iroco)Download
  • Maintenance

    • Maintenance in clear
      • Onderhoud van bestaand, onbekend hoogglans verniswerkDownload
      • Onderhoud van bestaand, onbekend zijdeglans verniswerk
    • Maintenance in colour
      • Onderhoud van bestaand onbekend schilderwerk
  • Painting wood

    • Above the waterline
    • Onder de waterlijn
      • 1-component verfsysteem met Underwaterprimer en antifoulingDownload
      • 2-component verfsysteem met antifoulinGDownload
      • 1-component verfsysteem met Black Bottom en antifoulingDownload
  • Painting Fibreglass

    • Boven de waterlijn
    • Onder de waterlijn
      • 1-component verfsysteem met antifoulingDownload
      • 2-component verfsysteem (osmose-preventie)Download
  • Painting Steel

    • Boven de waterlijn
    • Onder de waterlijn
      • 1-component verfsysteem met antifoulingDownload
      • 2-component verfsysteem met antifoulingDownload
      • 1-component verfsysteem (Epifanes Black BottomDownload
      • Eencomponent onderwatersysteem met Epifanes CR Antifouling PrimerDownload
  • Painting aluminium

    • Boven de waterlijn
    • Onder de waterlijn
      • 2-component verfsysteem met antifoulingDownload
  • Koolteer

    • Boven de waterlijn
    • Onder de waterlijn
      • 1-component verfsysteem over koolteerDownload

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